Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016


Finding your favorite best road running shoes is difficult, especially if you have no idea what works for your stride, gait and form. While there are different versions from minimalist running shoes, and maximalist, you should first remember what is your goal and what kind of road you will run to.

Why do you need a road running shoes instead of trail running shoes?

Road running shoe are design to adapt to the impact from repetitive strides on hard surfaces, it also offers more cushioning than your typical trail running shoe. They are rarely waterproof, while some are which is still great due to weather changes. Another thing that I like is the flat outsoles, since they require optimum grip for flat surface.

If you recently signed up for a marathon, road running shoe is what you need. If you do all-round training and you do road and trail, it’s good to have a spare shoe that helps you perform well on road surfaces.

What should you look for road running shoe?

First, you have to ask an expert to asses you. In case you need any stability support, go for neutral running shoes. If you need some sort of support, go for stability running shoes. If your arches are collapsing a lot, choose motion control running shoes.

Top 20 Best Road Running Shoes

Nike Free Run Distance

Nike Free Run Distance Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Nike Free Run Distance

Nike Free Run Distance is a running shoes for neutral runners who wanted to have more cushioning and flexiblity for long distance running. This shoe offers natural motion of the foot and will give you more boost in your performance, runners who prefer Nike Free Run Distance love this shoe.

Pros: Extremely flexible, sock-like snug fit, smooth and responsive ride

Cons: narrow forefoot, pretty expensive

Saucony Cohesion

Saucony Women Cohesion 7 Running Shoe Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 7 Running Shoe

Saucony Cohesion is a go-to training shoes for beginners or casual runner, this shoe offers support, durability and breathability. Although it’s a bit heavy, runners prefers the cushioning and stability it offers.

Pros: Breathable and lightweight, durable running shoes, comfortable and stable featuring Heel Grid System

Cons: Not flexible enough, some runners didn’t like the bland insoles

Saucony Stabil CS

Saucony Stabil CS Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Saucony Stabil CS 2

Saucony Stabil CS is a running that combines comfort and stability with focus on motion control, this running shoe is a dream for most runners who are trying to control the movement on their feet. This shoes will help your pronation and improve your performance each use.

Pros: Hydrator Lining, anti-moisture properties, Sauc-Fit feature, responsive and efficient

Cons: A little expensive, some runners didn’t like the narrow in the forefoot

Nike Lunaracer

Nike Lunaracer Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Nike Lunaracer

The Nike Lunaracer running shoes relies on the midsole for more cushioning when you go for longer runs. It also gives you a fast response, perfect for runnes who are looking for flexible shoes. Upper mesh is made of thin material,with Flywire technology that sits around the midfoot and heel of the shoes, these are responsible for more secured foot in a snug-fit during your running.

Pros: Lightweight running shoes, cushioning is at its best, durable and reliable materials used, flexible, offers reflective materials design

Cons: Outsole will wore out fast, some runners fidn the fit too narrow

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM 1 Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

The Adidas Adistar Boost ESM is a great running shoes for runners who wanted to help their runs perform better, while it doesn’t have new features, it works as it should. It’s breathable, comfortable and durable running shoes that would support your foot, appreciate how it helps you stabilize your movements and keeps your foot safe throughout the sessions.

Pros: Energy returns while making sure your foot is well-supported, external heel counter to improve the fit

Cons: A bit heavy, expensive shoes, some runners complain that the mid-sole is a bit stiff and unresponsive, outsole was too thin for longer use

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 provides runners with the best features in a cushioned and minimalist version running shoes. Though it offers a quite good cushioning, if you are used to well-cushioned running shoes, you will need a little adjustment. After a few runs, you will maximize the most of the Nike Free Flyknit.

Pros: Offers breahtable support, underfoot comfort is precise, Flywire integrations on the sides works well

Cons: Some runners complains about inconsistent flexibility, expensive price, mild arch support

Saucony Omni

Saucony Omni 1 Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Saucony Omni

The Saucony Omni is a must-have for all runners, in terms of stability, support and features. Runners loves the rebound assests, superb suport for pronation and quality cushioning and lightweight feel.

Pros: Keeps your feet dry, PWRGRID mid-sole, stability from Dual Density SSL EVA, has pronation control, lightweight

Cons: Some runners complain the tighter toe box, upper was not comfortable to skin, expensive shoe

Asics Gel Noosa Tri

Asics Gel Noosa Tri Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Asics Gel Noosa Tri

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 is a well-rounded running shoes that provides better stability that many runners find helpful during training to improve their running performance. The support and stability it provides is superb, also the cushioning will make your runs more enjoyable and comfortable during long training days.

Pros: Seamless upper design for sock-like fit and comfortable, can be used without socks, Gel Cushioning System is helpful for absorbing impact

Cons: Expensive price, one size smaller than the usual

Nike Flex Run

Nike Flex Run Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Nike Flex Run

Nike Flex Run decreases the foot fatigue and will make sure that you have superior cushioning to protect your foot from debris and other materials. The adaptive fit and breathability allows the flexibility of the shoes without sacrificing the support, men and women runners really love this road running shoes.

Pros: lightweight and breathable, comfortable running shoes, flexible and responsive

Cons: Too narrow in the mid-foot area, smaller in size, bit tighter until you break it in according to some runners

Brooks Launch

Brooks Launch Top 10 Best Road Running Shoes in 2016

Brooks Launch

Brooks Launch is exceptional running shoes since it allows the control of pronation significantly, every step a runner make creates a comfortable feel of the shoes. This is best for entry level runners who are looking for a running shoes that will help them enchance their running form.

Pros: Breathable running shoes, flexible, high abrasion resistant rubber, responsive and durable

Cons: One size smaller than the usual, upper lose its threading after few uses according to some runners, cushioning was a bit too much for some

These are the best road running shoes in the market today, if you have other running shoes that we didn’t include in the list, make sure to put it in the comment below.


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