Tips to Find the Best Running Shoes for You


So you decided that this 2015, you’ll take on marathon, or getting in shape. If so, you need a good pair of best running shoes to accomplish this task of yours.

From Nike and Saucony to Asics and Salomon, with thousands of running shoe brand and styles to choose from, looking for the best pair of running shoes can be a challenging task. It is also important that the shoes you’ll get will be best for your work out.

trai running Tips to Find the Best Running Shoes for You

Tips to Pick the Best Running Shoes

There are actually three basic tips to help you pick the right running shoe.

1. Get Tested

gait test Tips to Find the Best Running Shoes for You

Drop by into a shoe shop and get a gait analysis test done, this will help you identify the kind of running shoes for you and the proper support you need for your style. You’ll also get a ton of foot care tips, shoe tips and how you can improve and take care of your shoes along the way.

2. Pick the right Terrain

Where you plan to run is important. Will you be doing most of your miles on or off road?

Where you plan to run is important, ask yourself. Will you be doing most of your miles on or off the road? Are you mostly going for trail run instead? Do you need another pair of shoes to bring?

3. Racing is not Training

Most cases you might want to choose a training shoe for longer mileage and another racing shoes that is lighter and better performance for shorter period racing, like a three to four hours of race. It is very important that you already wore your shoes before the race day. New shoes on race day? Big no no!

under armor2 best running shoe Tips to Find the Best Running Shoes for You

How to Find the Perfect Running Shoes

Now that you know your style and already implemented the tips from above, it’s time to know how to pick the right running shoes for you. Every pair of shoes has been worn, tested and put through it’s paces. Check out the list of tech-filled trainers for your perfect running shoes.

The biggest trend for 2015: Lightweight shoes that can work across all terrains and provide a minimum feel without loosing support or stability. You wanted to feel your feet light, if you’re trained to be running up hard, you definitely need a cushioning.


There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all sneaker that can work for every runner out there. Each of us have a unique gait, which is why every shoe companies product a very wide variety of sneakers for us to choose from. From designs created made to withstand the wear and tear triathlon, there’s a running shoe that was created with all of the unique features every runner needs.

The hardest part is, how to figure out which running shoe is the best for you. Veteran runners might have a good idea what to look for in a shoe that will work well for their habits and form, beginners should take a little test drive of different pairs in order to find the best fit for them.

If you take your shoes for a run and like the way they feel, you’re good to go. However, if it does hurt your feet, better ask the advice that runs the local shoe shop. Some stores might even help you scan your feet or at least analyze your gait and recommend a shoe based on the results.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best running shoes for you, so that you can start running and get into shape. If you have more questions, let me know in the comments below.


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