Mistakes that Newbie Runners Make During a Race


If you’re new to the sport of running, maybe you’re familiar with these words “Frustration and Fatigue“. More likely because you’ve committed these two common mistake that every newbie runner does, you need to know these newbie runner tips that we are going to show you.

Usually, it’s something like this; You strike up an idea of running, you’re so pumped up! You made a commitment that you’re going to run every single day, you wanted to become fit and challenge yourself to the next level. You even bought a new pair of running shoes and prepared your playlist. But after a few runs, shin-splints and out-of-breath feeling, it seems that being on couch is more comfortable that running, and you’re thinking it is a bad idea after all.

It really doesn’t have to be that way, you can continue running and fell in love with the sport as much as the other person running along side with you. What you need is a well-planned action that includes plenty of rest and recovery, plus the right gears for you.

newbie runners Mistakes that Newbie Runners Make During a Race

Mistakes that Newbie Runners Make During a Race

The rest and recovery is important as the actual running, this is most newbie runners didn’t know and would skip this stage and in return ends up in fatigue and frustration that will make them quit running before reaching their goal.

If you’re taking running seriously and wanted to reach your goal fast, you should know this newbie runners tips that were going to share, to avoid these common mistake every newbie runners make that leads to frustration and fatigue.

Make sure you set a pace of goals that is ideal for you. Beginners often will pressure themselves into running faster than they should and that would lead into fatigue and failure. Be patient and observe yourself when running.

newbie runners pain Mistakes that Newbie Runners Make During a Race

Newbie Runners Pain

If you’re setting into running for the first time, make a goal of running into different maps. Plan it out properly and run on a moderate pace over the next eight weeks.

Watch your nutrition, eat clean and healthy. Rest a lot! Your muscles will gain and improve while resting. Make sure you also get the right running shoes for you, this will improve your running and protect your foot in the long run.

Hope you guys enjoy our little newbie running tips, remember that rest is needed and plan it out before running. This makes everything easier, get the right gear and listen to your body.


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