Learn These Quick Tips to Fix Your Running Form


Curious about your running form or if you’re doing it right, make sure you read the entire article as we share running tips and guides on how to correct your running form.

Running form is caused by the shoes you’re wearing, shoes that aren’t designed for running or match your foot pattern can lead to a poor running form or create an injury along the way.

running form Learn These Quick Tips to Fix Your Running Form

running form structure

Most of the runners do a arched lower back which put the body weight too far in the back, this is a big no no. Running in lighter shoes with a flat heel-to-toe ramp will help you facilitate getting it right, and you’ll consciously running upright, slightly forward posture.

Always land close to your body, the reason for this are most runners have a heel-striking gait because of overstriding. You should try to have your feet hit the ground close to your body as possible, this will shorten your stride and increase your cadence.

Depending on the surfaces that you’re running from, your body will adjust and figure out how to land better when if you practice on surfaces that are not flat and smooth. Thought not everyone have an access to rough trails or surfaces, you can vary your runs by running in a grass park or rough concrete or an alley.

barefoot running shoes Learn These Quick Tips to Fix Your Running Form

Vibram Barefoot Running Shoes

Another tip is to run will little impact force as possible with light foot strikes. Heel-striker is not that bad, but you hear a ‘plop’ like sound, every time your foot hits the ground, that means your lower leg are working overtime to control your forefoot, another cause of shin splints. If you run like this, shortening your stride as close to your body will increase your cadence and you can run more upright, this will help you reduce impact force a lot.

Hopefully by now you know that running close to your body, and not hitting your heel to the ground will prevent you from injuries. Make sure you observe your running form, and practice to correct your form.


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