How to Find the Best Running Shoes With Good Arch Support


When was the last time you check your running shoes with good arch support? It’s possible that with countless shoes in the market today, we may have pick a running shoe that has no arch support. Maybe that’s your issue when you’re experiencing heel pain, that will hinder your running performance.

Quickly check out your shoes and check for wear patterns in the heels and outsole, how about the arch support fitted inside the shoe? Is it even there? If not, then you don’t get enough support on your stride and you are likely to overpronate / supinate.

If you’re feeling sharp pain in your foot, you may have plantar fasciitis, you is no fun at all. You need to have a plan to correct your running form and arch support that your feet requires.

Running Shoes with Good Arch Support vs. Regular Running Shoe

Finding the best running shoes for heel pain should be in your priority list, here’s a list of shoes with good arch support that will help you provide the following:

  • Proper support for your fascia ligament
  • Specifically designed mid and insoles for proper shock absorption
  • Often podiatrist-designed for comfort and support
  • Motion control to correct Over-Pronation or Supination, which encourages proper walking motion

Normal running shoes focus on other areas, they are NOT designed to treat ailment.

  • Often constructed for breathability and comfort, not necessarily for total foot support
  • Comfortable, but not designed to correct improper walking gait

Both shoes may or may not offer support, shoes with good arch support are designed for your situation and to stabilize your improper form. Other shoes that offer cushions, flexibility and design options may not have the support that you actually need.

Complaints About Running Shoes With Arch Support

1. More expensive than non-specific shoes

2. Arch support shoes takes time to get used to

3. Manufacturing sizes are often incorrect


Well, there you have it, the absolute top shoes with good arch support, as per the people who have been through what you are going through and who have documented their recovery. These shoes have by-and-far the majority of supporters and have been chosen based on their success in treating several types of foot ailments. And why not, they work better to curb the aches and pains of being on your feet all day long! Take it from people suffering with plantar fasciitis, these are the best shoes for heel pain.

These top shoes with good arch support, have a majority of supporters and have been chosen based on the success they had in treating several types of ailments. Listen to the people who had suffer or still suffering from plantar fasciitis, they know the best shoes for heel pain 🙂


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