What is a Good Running Shoes and How to Pick One?


Every runner needs a good running shoes, but the question on finding a good pair is not that easy. Most of the time, newbie runners would get a running shoes that is not comfortable or compatible to their needs. For veteran runners, replacing an old running shoes is tough, especially if you are sentimental (like me).

So when do you need to replace your running shoes? The general rule of thumb is, after it reach 500 to 600 miles. For those who love to run 5-3 miles per week, it would be like 8-10 months before it’s time to find a good running shoe.

Good Running Shoes2 What is a Good Running Shoes and How to Pick One?


Generally, if you can make a shoe rock with one finger on the heel, or the midsole has been compressed, it’s a sign that it’s time to get a new pair of running shoes. Another one is if you noticed that if the shoe is worn in certain part, grab a new one, we don’t want any injuries.

Top Tips When Shopping For Running Shoes

Choose your Running Shoe

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes that are on point for your training is a hard task. With the vast models and variation on running shoe market, it does seem to go for the safest option. Although a good pair of running shoes can really help you boost your running training and it is important not to cut corners when buying one.

Fit For Purpose

If most of your runs are trails or off-road running, make sure you go for a trail running shoes and has a good support. Unstable shoes could turn your ankle and would result to an injury. Make sure you get a solid protection, waterproof since the terrain changes a lot.

Running Socks

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When buying a new running shoes, make sure you wear your running socks (you’re favorite to wear when you are running), a thick socks will be a huge difference, particularly when you run.

Gait Analysis

You can also have a gait analysis check, basically what they will do is record your runs on a treadmill for a couple of minutes and play it back in slow-mo to asses your foot plant, stride and pattern. This is one of the best thing to do before buying a running shoe.

Trial Run

I usually do this, do a trial run when buying a shoe. Look for a treadmill and do a little road test, since the carpet of flooring won’t help you test and feel the shoes that you’re about to buy.

Designer Labels

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While fashion and running may come hand in hand (if you’re that kind of person) function is the most important thing to remember to avoid any injury. Being caught up with marketing campaigns from designer brands will make your performance poor and certain ailments will show. Always choose function over design.

Extend Your Shoe Life

Your running shoes deals of being pounded on different surfaces every day, in any kind of weather. They need to be replaced every 500-600 miles or so. Your weight, running style and terrain of choice will determine how often you need to buy a new running shoes. You don’t need to extend the life of your shoes, because the protection it has is no longer there, you’re only asking for injury.

A good running shoes should provide you with flexibility, durability, motion control, protection and shock absorption. Although different runners have different requirement from one another, that is why we should focused on our need.


Make sure you keep a list of dates when you bought your new shoes and how often you use it. Always check the shoes to prevent you from having an injury and make sure you know your needs when buying a good pair of running shoes. Always, always choose function over design. This is what I see from newbie runners out there.

Hope you’ve learn something from this post, if you have other tips please let us know how to pick a good running shoes and how to take care of it!


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