About Us

We are a group of runners that are addicted to the sport, as we dig deeper we realize that there’s more to running than having a best running shoes around. Join us as we explore the new world of running, and learn what should the best gear for you.


nicoleHi! My name is Nicole. I started running 8 years ago. First, I ran smaller distances, and day by day, as I was becoming better, I started to increase the number of kilometers. It was always a pleasure to reach a newer milestone. Reaching the marathon distance was difficult, but in the meantime, I also made many friends, too. I run mostly half marathons lately.


charlotteHi! I am Charlotte. I have always loved being out in nature, but I have never thought that I would become a cross country runner. A good friend of mine invited me to one of the Spartan Race events 5 years ago. It was a bit much for me at first, but I love challenges, so I accepted the invitation. The obstacles were interesting, but I rather liked the cross-country running part, and I have been active in it ever since.


tomHello! I am Tom. Cross country running Is my passion, so you could say that I’m a running fool. I like interval workouts the most. Due to my work, I like smaller gadgets (heart rate monitors, running watches) with which I can track my progress. For the tenth year in a row, I’ve been wearing the soles of my shoes in different terrains. I hope I will be able to help a lot of people in cross-country running and with choosing the right equipment.