How to Clean your Running Shoes Properly

Now that spring is here, our running schedule is looking good ahead. That also means our running shoes will be dirty and smelly from the heat and we don’t want that! Today, let’s check out the things we can do on how to clean our running shoes properly.

It’s important to remember that using a washing machine might be a good idea (for lazy people),  it could actually damage your running shoes and that’s even worse.

If your running shoes are machine-washable (please check), make sure you will put some kind of encasing for more protection, like a shoe bag, a pillow case or a washable laundry bag. You can use a gentle setting, cold water, and use deodorizing pellets or other detergent designed for shoes.

Here are some options on getting your sneaks squeaky clean:

Other options for cleaning your running shoes;

  1. Let the air flow, remove the insoles and open it to let it breath.
  2. Use deodorizer, you can fill your shoes with baking soda, and let it sit overnight, the powder will absorb the odor. You can also try other odor-eater spray or fabric freshener.
  3. Hand wash the laces, simply scrub it with soap and hang them up for air dry
  4. Use a tooth brush or shoe brush and liquid soap to remove mud, dirt or other stains.
  5. Place your running shoes in warm soapy water, you can even use a gentle laundry soap, a dish soap or mix them (you’re on your own), let them sit overnight, and then rinse with cold water and air dry.
  6. Remove the insoles, and you can toss them in the washing machin, set them on gentle, or you can hand was them for faster and more gentle approach.
  7. You can try to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or other cleaning materials depending on the dirt or stain on the rubber or plastic outsoles.
  8. Always wear clean and fresh socks, this will prevent the odor build up. After a run, you can put a dryer sheets in each shoe to make the odor-free.
  9. Never leave your wet trail running shoe inside, or still enclosed for too long. This builds mildew, molds and smell that is hard to remove.
  10. Don’t place your shoes behind the fridge, the direct heat will alter the shape of the shoe. You should open the shoe and put kitchen paper or newspaper, this will absorb the dampness inside. Usually it takes 12 hours to dry them out.
  11. Buy a new pair of insoles if the odor won’t go, or have two pairs of running shoes so you can still do some running.

Hope these tips will be helpful to you, I personally don’t like a muddy or dirty looking running shoe. Taking care of our equipment makes them more effective for protecting us. If you have other method of how to clean your running shoes, please share them below. We would appreciate it a lot!