Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is a lightweight running shoe for neutral runners, Mizuno dropped the weight for their new Rider to make your ride fast. Using U4ic mid-sole and lightweight upper overlays, this neutral running shoe can help you push further in your runs.

Mizuno replaced the material being used for the Wave Rider 18 with the lighter ones, the overlays, mid-sole and outsole. All of these are the reason why the Rider 18 is the lightest, yet never sacrificed the cushioning support neede by such runners in their trainings. It is also equipped with Mizuno Wave Technology, Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is the best choice for neutral runners that are looking for new pair.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18
Mizuno Wave Rider 18



Mizuno did an awesome job in cutting the weight of the Wave Rider 18 down to almost 30%. They replaced the mid-sole and the upper overlays with lightweight materials, and maintain the responsive and comfort for an improve ride.


The new Wave Rider 18 has a wave plate with a segmented blown rubber outsole, this makes the running shoes very comfortable and smooth. The cushioning is using U4ic mid-sole and deep flex grooves, giving you a cushioning and flexible runs. Mizuno is offering you a shoe that will make you feel comfortable and perform better on every run.

Good fit

The upper mesh is made of soft materials, together with Dynamotion Fit stretch, the shoes makes a good fit to any runners. The stretch covers the entire forefoot all the way to the collar and tongue, giving you a secure and snug like fit for a comfy and worry-free routines.


Mizuno is known for their attractive designs, the Wave Rider 18 is one of them that many runners appreciate, not only by the colors being used, but the colorful outsole.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18
Mizuno Wave Rider 18


Hard on the heel

Not all runners are a big fan of this shoe, because it is a little too hard on the heel part, this is probably because of the wave plate and segmented outsole that makes your first try being unpleasent. For those who continued to use this shoe for their trainings, the shoe actually becomes flexible and comfortable after some time.


The X10 carbon rubber and Flex Controllers makes up the outer sole of the running shoe. All of the materials were designed to make the shoe a highly durable and flexible for cushioning and responsiveness. The wave plate was contoured to adjust to the shape of your foot, this including the Wave Technology in the mid-sole area are designed to help soften the impact, giving you a smooth transitions throughout the gait cycle.

The Flex Controllers lightness of the shoes will became a favorable as Flex are connected to each other to provide a smoother experience. The outsole has the same cushioning even though it is lightweight.


The Wave Rider 18 mid-sole is composed of Mizuno exclusive technologies such as Wave Technology, Extended Wave Plate, the SmoothRide Technology, Intercool ventilation system and Gender Engineering flex grooves. Mizuno changed their traditional mid-sole composition support from foam to mid-sole to use U4ic materials. These mid-soles are lightweight and very responsive.

It also offers superior cushioning to support your foot motion in natural pronation control. If you’re a moderate under pronator or mild over pronator, you will find the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 a better shoes for your daily trainings.


The uppert of the Wave Rider 18 is composed of AIRmesh, a breathable cool upper mesh, this upper was designed with a printed set of overlays that were stitched and attached to the mesh, they are mostly added in the medial and lateral side. The Dynamotion Fit plays a big part on the upper part, with its stretch mesh, it helps the shoe to secure your foot to each ride. The inner part of the shoe is composed of OrthoLite Sock Liner, made with anti-microbial to stop the oder and bacteria build up, it was also designed to keep you dry and moist free.

Mizuno uses the X10 technology for their technical construction of the outsole, the material they used is carbon rubber type, and its purpose is to keep the outsole durable against wear and tear, and better traction.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is a neutral cushioning running shoe, technically it is constructed to benefit the neutral runners and other wide range of runners. The Wave Rider has all the protection and support you need for daily routines and even for races, having its improved cushioning and transition, most runners will have a better benefit from this shoe for its comfort and smooth ride. Not to mention the weight reduction making it lightweight, which is a great option for runners in races.


Mizuno is having a great success in creating a great running shoes, if you’re enjoying the Wave Technology, you will fall in love with the Rider 18. All of the improvements and upgrades made by Mizuno are included in this running shoe. Though not all runners will fit for this shoe, because of individual type, and needs. For many runners though, this shoe can bring a whole lot in their running routines into a new level of performance and support.

What are your thoughts on Mizuno Wave Rider 18? What difference does it make to your runs? Let us know if there’s any tweaks you would like to add to improve it further