Change Your Running Workouts For Better Running Performance

If you’re getting board with your running workouts, you need to try different running routines to shake things up. I usually do these per week to make sure I won’t burned out / bored on running, honestly running on road everyday will bore you.

These are based on different runners / coaches / fitness professional friends that I am following and they give you a different boost and will challenge your running skills and cardio, more of your cardio, really.

Running Workouts
Running Workouts

Different Running Work Out Routines

1. Running Repeat

Do a set of intervals, like set up a 200 meters (gauge yourself) and run hard, rest for a period and do it again. I do 1 minute running as hard as I can and 1 minute walk to rest. The challenge is pushing yourself (distance, intensity and will power) and rest as fast as you can while walking, this is good to train your form and breathing. Next time you do it, double the distance, and everything including effort.

2. Stair Master

Stairs or ladders will give you a different challenge than the traditional repeat workout, this workout will help you managing your steam. Going up and down the stairs while leaving something in the tank to finish it. I usually do 15 minutes as fast as I can, but vary yourself first, and please be careful going up and down, remove all the things that might trip you. This is also great for building those calf and leg muscles, for light stride and kick off.

3. Tabatas

tabata workout
tabata workout

Tabata training is an all out sprint, the idea behind is to go hard as you can for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the workout eight times giving it your all. You can do stairs, flats or whatever you have for your workout, you can even download an app that will create the workout for you. Gradually build up, and move on to more challenging training.

4. Climbing

Tackle a long uphill with steep incline to challenge your leg strength, cardio, and mental toughness. Make sure you plan the route that has uphills or different levels. Be careful not to injure yourself, take short breaks as walks to asses yourself.

5. Go Trail Running

Challenge yourself with trail running on different terrain, rocks, mud and other stuff that’s lying there. Speed is not the key here, but concentration and decision making. This will keep you alert and will drain you to your max (depends on the terrain though), make sure you have a great set of trail running shoes.

6. Speed Play

Not really a routine, (am I the only one that does this :P) Try to challenge yourself to speed up and run as hard as you can until you reach the next road sign, or try to pass other runners, cars (good luck) or something / someone. The goal is to push yourself to run as hard, as fast as you can to reach the goal, its the little achievements that counts!

7. Get a Group

Join a club or a group of runners, some cities has a group that runs, see if you can join them. You can gain a lot of knowledge by talking to them during your runs and it creates pressure to yourself since you need always in shape to run, fix your form and have a better running workout program.

8. Beat the Music

Sometimes running on the road will bore you, better grab your ipod or phone and listen to rock music or whatever genre of music you wanted. I usually listen to slow music, and move onto rock music which gives me an extra push of motivation to run more.

9. Running Longer

Ramping up the pace is not the only way to make your runs challenging. Build your endurance by running longer, to avoid injury increase your weekly distance by 10% per week.

10. Run the Treadmill

If you can’t run outside, treadmill is the way to go! Challenge yourself by making the elevation a little higher and the speed a little faster.

11. Pyramid

Try running using the pyramid method, the idea is to start with short repeat and increment until you hit the longest distance possible, then decrease it using the same number of increments. Sample 200m t0 400m t0 600m, 600m back to 400m, 200m, do a short recovery intervals in between.

12. Challenge a Friend

If you wanted to work on your speed and have some fun, run with a friend who’s a bit faster than you. Challenge your body to do more by chasing your friend throughout the run. This will give you the extra motivation to practice your willpower, plus it helps to have someone talking to while running.

13. Add Weight

Weight training will increase your strength and can help you avoid injuries, pick up a great running program that adds strength and core training. Try 5×5, 3×5 or other strength training exercise.

Running Workouts
Running Workouts

14. Listen to your Body

If you feel like you don’t want to run, just don’t. Recovery is important as the running workouts, if you don’t recover properly you might not perform to the fullest. Without proper rest, you’ll risk yourself with injuries and over training, which can backslide your gains and performance.

15. Join a Race

The best feeling when joining a race is when your adrenaline is rushing in while seeing the finish line with fellow runners. Find a race that you’ll gain experience and after registering, make sure you train for it. Start in the lower category first, and read a lot about 5k training, marathon training and other documents that can help you prepare for it.

Hope that you enjoyed our list, make sure that you will always challenge yourself and never be contented with your performance. Share this running workouts routine to your friends as well, it might help them get back to running.