Salewa Firetail GTX Review: A Hiking Shoe You Can Depend On

The Salewa Firetail GTX hiking shoes are one of the latest and highest quality approach shoes currently on the market. Firetail managed to improve on its already great features while still keeping the shoes looking tough and robust. It comes with Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining that is both waterproof and well-ventilated. This next iteration of their popular shoe line features a seamless upper construction, a lace system that can be tightened or loosened easily and its renowned MFF+ to provide mountaineers with an awesomely comfortable experience.

Whether you enjoy going hiking, hanging from rocks, doing some running, or all of these activities, well then the Salewa Firetail GTX will make an excellent choice. It’s the perfect multi-use footwear that features the toughness and craftsmanship that outdoor sportsmen have come to expect from Salewa.

The Salewa Firetail GTX Has The Technology

The Salewa Firetail GTX shoes use the latest in alpine technologies while still maintaining the flexibility and lightweight comfort of running shoes. Weighing only 415g, you will be amazed at the precision and control when handling approaches and descents. Here are some of the highlights:

salewa firetail gtx
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3F System Evo

Athletes need to perform at their top levels and to do that they need the natural flexibility, strong ankle support and a precise fit that only Firetail GTX can provide. The Y-shaped wire is responsible for providing the great support and is tethered under the sole arch. The wire extends through the back of the heel and can be tightened with the laces. This system allows the heel to be pulled in tight which helps provide support and improves performance.

Climbing Lacing

Climbing up mountains and up tight ledges is stressful enough, that’s the Firetail’s accurate lacing in the toe area, gives its users the support and performance they deserve.

MFF+ Multi-Fit Footbed

The MFF+ represents the latest technological advancements that allows for even adjustability and a perfect fit. MFF+ makes it possible to make individual adjustments to the volume of the footbed in the shoes, which provides an incredibly precise fit according to the terrain. This provides the support and comfort that allows hikers to walk with a heavier back comfortably.

Silverized 100% Fresh

Whether you know it or not, there’s a battle going on in your shoes. The innovative 100% Fresh silver feature utilizes silver ions to destroy the enzymes that odor-causing bacteria depend on to survive.


The Vibram dot rubber sole is technical mountaineering at its best and provides maximum grip protection when climbing on edges. In addition, the soles provide superior traction whether handling an approach or a descent, walking on wet surfaces, or walking through muddy soil.

vibram salewa

The technological innovations and practical designs make the Salewa Firetail GTX shoes a must-try-it-to-believe-it shoe. And yes, while they may not be the best running shoes, they actually make for really great walking shoes.

The Salewa Firetail GTX Has Style

A solid approach shoe will let its wearers comfortably do some mountain climbing and hiking for long distances on a moderate level. In this regard, Salewa does not fail. The style design of the Salewa Firetail GTX perfectly meshes a technical approach shoe with a lightweight running shoe. It features a climbing lace and its popular narrow toe design. The lace system provides a secure comfort that makes you want to go rock-climbing all day. The laces are also easy to tighten and loosen which is a great timesaver. The reinforced eyelets give it a strong, sturdy and are reinforced with plastic and steel. This is a much better (and much needed) improvement over those delicate fabric ones that keep popping up everywhere.

The Salewa Firetail GTX Is A Performance Shoe

Although the Firetails are not considered all out hiking boots and are also not quite light enough to be a great running shoe, it fits the middle market like no other brand can. Wearing these Firetails in a variety of environments and settings, including long and short days, hot and cold weathers, steep and narrow, rock or not rocky, you name it but and one cannot help but notice that Salewa truly did a remarkable job at refining their already highly regarded product. Here is a quick preview of what can be expected across various terrain types:

Hiking Up Mountains

The Firetail GTX provides great support, even when carrying multi-day backpacks with strong traction thanks to the sticky soles. When climbing up steep walls their tight grip will provide you with security, stability and confidence.

Trudging through Snow

The Gore-Tex material is incredibly durable and keeps your feet drier and warmer in ice cold conditions. Its sharp grip is also surprisingly very effective on ice and helps prevent slippage.

Hiking Or Running Trails

Weighing a little under a pound, these shoes provide maximum comfort for hiking or running on long trails, even when carrying backpacks. The shoes, despite being waterproof, feature a great ventilation system which makes walking for hours under a sun much more bearable.

Here’s A Little About The Manufacturer: Salewa

Salewa North America was created in the fall of 2006, with their Boulder, CO headquarters established in January 2007. This was also the same time that Salewa was officially introduced as an Outdoor Retailer and has since then experienced a tremendous growth in its core business. Their year of experience in providing the highest quality products and great service have earned them a reputation for being a world class company that is always ahead of the competition.

There are a ton of other different running and outdoor hoes on the market with a wide variety of styles to choose from. Only Salewa, however, gets it right with their Firetail GTX shoe line. Combining the perfect balance of protection, durability, ankle support, sticky rubber and precise fit, it leaves behind the competition. The Salewa Firetail GTX shoes combines all the features and qualities that have made Salewa a successful force to be reckoned with within the outdoor clothing industry. The shoes empower its users with confidence and stability across the toughest terrains in mountains, snow and sand. In order to perform at the highest level (no pun intended), athletes should look no further than the Firetail GTX.

Try one on now and experience quality and precision perfected.