Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG Review

The Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG is the kind of shoe that was designed for soft surface. This is their latest edition, which has a ton of upgrades and improvements from the previous edition.

Being designed for soft ground and wet mud, this is the kind of shoe that has a redesigned outer sole, though it’s a bit heavier than the previous ones, it is dependable for soft and wet terrain such as muds. This is a great unisex running trail shoe, for soft and muddy terrains.

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG
Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG


  • Comfortable
  • This is considered an all tough terrain shoe, it is comfortable.
  • Provides great fit
  • With SensiFit Technology, this will offer a graet fit for the foot, adding extra space in the toe box for toe movement when you run.
  • Additional support in the mid-foot area
  • High quality materials
  • Lightweight shoe, though they are bulky looking sole due to the lugs and dual denstiy midsole, it is still lightweight for trail running


  • Limited color availability

Outsole of Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG

The outer sole of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG is from fourth version, designed and constructed with a durable sole rubber. It has deep lugs in the outsole and equip with Contragrip system and Dynamic Traction technology. Since this running shoe is for soft ground and muddy trails, you should expect that the rubber material used does not slip even if the ground is wet and soft. Which is one of my favorite features in the shoe.


The midsole is composed of dual density EVA foam, has a molded EVA underfoot cushioning and a ProFeel film technology that is used for protection agains rocks and other sharp objects. The rock placed in the midsole of the show allows to be protective when running on uneven terrains.


Upper part of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG was designed for comfort, protection and style. The upper is composed of Open Mesh material, the toe cap is protected with a rubber cap. Solomon also used a ProPriotection technology, one of its design was to provide the feet as much as needed protection for different objects on the trail.

Tongue was a bit different from the previous one, it prevents and reduce debris from entering your shoe, another feature is Asymmetrical Quicklace system that is used for the Lace Pocket for runners convience.

Endofit System and Seamless Sensifit are used in the inner part of the shoe, giving a reliable and secure comfort fit.

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG
Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG

Technical construction of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG

  • Several shoe technology are being used in Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG
  • SensiFit is used to intend to keep your foot securely cradled with it’s precise secure fit system
  • QuickLace System is the lacing system used to easy on and easy pull, this is more functional and convenient shoe lacing system. The Lace Pocket System also makes it easy to keep those shoe laces in place.
  • Quick Drying Breathable Mesh is another technology being used with air mesh single later that is made with layer of nylon and abrasion resistance. This is great for breathability inside of your foot.
  • Mud and Snow Non-Marking ContraGrip technology is also added in the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG, designed for winter running or if you are running on a really muddy trails.
  • EndoFit internal fit sleeve is designed to warp the foot and hug it at the right place, to secure and provide comfort
  • For stability, cushioning and comfort, they used Molded EVA and Dual Density EVA. These are combined with Die Cut EVA, which is a foam that can provide soft cushioning for your underfoot.
  • The construction used for creating the shoe to make it soft and natural for running, they use OS Tendon Technology, which provide better rolling of the foot to protect your tendons.
  • ProPriotection Technology is the system that was used to make the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG a great shoe on a more challenged terrain, even in longer pace distance. It also provides the flexes that will allow your foot to stretch and bend naturally.
  • Dynamic Traction is used to provide the need to unparalled grip on different kinds of terrains, wet or muddy.


If you intened to do ultra-distance racing on soft terrain, or even in snowy trails, the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG has all the right features and technology to make your run comfortable. Even the toughest terrain conditions, this is the running shoe you can count on.

For it’s price, it is worth investing if your goal is to get the best protection and durable running shoes in wet or muddy trails, the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra SG can counquer any terrain.