Saucony Stabil CS Review

The Saucony Stabil CS is one of the best creations of Saucony, this running shoe uses PowerGrid technology, which provides more shock and impact absorption that protects your entire foot.

The Stabil CS offers great control, and provides high breathability, comfort. The upper is covered with Open Mesh fabric that is more lighter and allows great air circulation, this feature is a great addition to runners who wanted a fresh running shoes and fresh feet. Rest assured that your foot is secured with Stability Arch-Lock, which is connected to medial mid-foot that gives you a snug fit.

Saucony Stabil CS
Saucony Stabil CS

HydraMax Collar Lining is in the upper that provides comfort, helps remove moisture. It has ComfortLite Sockliner that supports your foot and cushioning, from the heel to arch contours. The HRC Strobel Board has Rebound High Compound that improves the cushioning and comfort feel.

Construction of the Saucony Stabil CS

Saucony Stabil CS PowerGrid
Saucony Stabil CS PowerGrid

The design of Saucony Stabil CS is what makes it stands out from the rest of running shoes, especially this is made for runners who have severe overpronators and needs a lot of support from the shoes they are used to.

The IBR+ component has been improved for superb traction, this increase the flexibility of the shoe. The Sauc-Fit feature is another addition to improve the Stabil CS, this provides supportive overlays, allows you to have a more secure mid-foot. Heel Counter adds support to your heel so it is protected during impact.

With the features and improvements, many runners vouch for this shoe, stability and support is always there. Stabil CS will also make sure your foot is fresh, moisture-free because of the Hydrator Lining added.

Saucony Stabil CS
Saucony Stabil CS

Stability Arch Lock has a supportive support system that was designed to give you a snug fit to your mid-foot. During the foot pronation, the CS Zone component will be the one that will control the movements of your foot at the same time maintaining the flexibility that you need.

The way Stabil CS was constructed, features and components, is the main reason that this running shoe is the best in terms of stability, support, cushioning that you need on your runs. Saucony is really giving us the best they have!


  • Provides comfort during runs
  • Offers durability
  • Not to restrictive, flexible


  • Poor design
  • Bulky
  • Lack of color options


Other than the feature listed, there’s a lot of great things inside the Saucony Stabil CS, even this shoes is a little heavy, most runners don’t care about it because it is very durable, breathable and helps you with your runs. The only issue that I can see is the lack of color that will match your running outfit.