Why You Need to Use Lock Laces in your Running Shoes

If you’re a new runner or just discovering the wonders of Lock Laces in your running shoes, changes are you are wondering how it will help you and why some runners are even using it.

Basically, they are standard shoe lace replacement, by removing your old shoe lace and using a closed loop that you will forget how to tie a shoe lace again. All you have to do is to tighten or loosen according to your prefered snug-ness.

Lock Laces in your running shoes
Lock Laces in your running shoes

What usually make runners change their shoe lace and decided to go for lock laces is that you won’t have to tie it again and again while doing your routine. These lock laces will stay snug and tight throughout your run, and you will won’t even remember checking them.

Another benefit that it offers is the hugging type feel, when you are going for trail running and a muddy terrain appear, you won’t have to worry about your shoe lace being untie due to the mud and water.

Lock Laces


  • Some of them are pretty colorful, they have a large color to choose from. Bright to dark to neons are also available.
  • They get the job done, you will not remember the last time you tie your shoe laces. Just zip it up and run.
  • They are durable, some runners had a 200 miles on their lock laces and it still works.
  • Easy to install, just read the instructions to save you a lot of time. You can even customize your shoe lace pattern according to your requirements.
  • They are cheap, cheap if you consider what they offer to make your runs better.


  • When you cut the excess, make sure you have some excess before you seal those laces. You only get a one shot cut, so a slack would be good to have in the future. Once you cut it short, you have to live with it, or get a new one.
  • It counts overtime, if you have 4-6 pairs of running shoes, you’ll need 4-6 lock laces too. It’s not ideal to transfer one lock lace to another shoes, because I find it time consuming and quite difficult to do
  • It’s an accessory

lock laces on shoes


Lock laces in your running shoes are awesome, especially if you hate having to tie your laces every single run and also it ruins your momentum. I am currently using it on one of my pair, and thinking of having another one. It even makes the early morning run easy, efficient and focus.